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What is Bohemian Style Interior Design?

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Bohemian style interior design is all about embracing creativity and individuality. Discover the beauty of Bohemian style with this complete guide.
Bohemian Style in words, Leafy Vines, Colorful Cushions, and Peacock Stool.

Bohemian style interior design, also known as boho or boho-chic.

Bohemian Style Interior Design is all about expressing your freedom and Individuality. That’s why it works best for free-spirited souls & Creatives. 

Bohemian style is one of the most effortless styles to apply to your space. 

It is an effortless style because it lets you break the rules to create a space that reflects your personality. You can make it as wild or as cozy as you want.

So, what are Bohemian Style interior design Characteristics?

Bohemian Style Interior Design Characteristics

Bohemian Style Interior Design Bedroom. There is Peacock Chair, Bed, Rustic accessories, and cushions.

1️⃣ Embrace Your Inner Explorer

Imagine traveling the world without leaving the comfort of your home. 

This is precisely how Bohemian Style should feel. Bohemian Interiors should take you on a global adventure. It draws inspiration from diverse cultures & places, such as Morocco, India, and beyond. 

Bohemian style is like having a passport to style! 

2️⃣ Jungle of Possibilities

Green is the new black! 

Bohemian interiors thrive on plants and greenery. Try to Hang plants and display potted succulents and leafy vines. — This also helps you to create a fresh atmosphere inside

Embrace nature inside.

3️⃣ Free Spirit, Free Style

In the world of Bohemian design, there are no strict rules. 

Embrace a sense of artistic chaos. Don’t be shy! Experiment with asymmetry, combine contrasting styles and eras, & let your imagination run wild. The goal is to transform your space into a place where every corner tells a story of your unique journey. 

This will make your home feels spontaneous, authentic, and filled with artistic energy. 

💡 Personal Insight: Collect Memories, Not Just Things. Surround yourself with cherished memories and meaningful objects. Bohemian style is all about personality. Showcase your treasures, from souvenirs to heirlooms. Create a space that tells your unique story. 

4️⃣ Welcome to the Cozy Club

Relaxation is the name of the game! 

Bohemian interiors create a cozy atmosphere where you can let your worries melt away. Picture floor cushions, oversized pillows, and soft blankets inviting you to snuggle up.

5️⃣ Treasure Hunt, Anyone? 

Get ready to discover hidden gems! 

The Bohemian Style celebrates vintage finds and handmade treasures.Which is fun.

Find unique furniture & handmade accessories that add charm to your home.

6️⃣ More is More

In Bohemian Style, The mantra is “More is More” — If you are more into less is more, This Style is not for you

Be bold in boldly mixing different patterns, textures, and prints. Aim to create a rich and eclectic look. For example, You can pair florals with geometrics or tribal prints with embroideries. 

Show your artistic personality. 

Bohemian Color Palette

Bohemian Color Palette

The Bohemian style interior design embraces a vibrant color scheme that adds visual interest to a space. While there are no strict rules, some commonly used colors include:

  1. Earthy Tones: Warm and earthy colors like terracotta, mustard yellow, deep reds, and burnt oranges. These warm colors add a cozy and grounded feel to the room.
  2. Jewel Tones: Deep, luxurious jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple. These Jewel tones make your space look rich and fancy.
  3. Vibrant Accents: Bohemian style interior design loves pops of vibrant colors, such as fuchsia, turquoise, and electric blue. These bold accents add an element of playfulness and energy to your space.

💡 Personal Insight: Choose your color scheme the way you like because there are no rules to follow with a boho style. For example, you can go with simple colors for the walls, or you can go on to a more colorful approach if that’s your style.

I personally prefer simple colors for the walls (The base color), which allows the accent colors to pop up more. It also helps to create a calm atmosphere.

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Bohemian Style Materials

Bohemian Materials like Light wood, Leafy Vines, and yellow paint swatch

Regarding materials, Bohemian Style interior design is all about creating a natural and homemade feel in your home. Here are some materials that are commonly used in boho interiors:

  • Reclaimed Wood: Natural and reclaimed wood adds warmth and rustic charm to the space. To introduce this material, you can use exposed beams, wooden furniture, and flooring.
  • Rattan and Wicker: These materials bring a tropical vibe and a touch of Bohemian elegance. Rattan chairs, wicker baskets, and Rattan light fixtures are popular choices. 
  • Macramé: A handwoven fabric that creates visual interest and texture. You can use macramé wall hangings, plant hangers, and curtains to add a boho touch to your space. Using Macramé indicates you have the bohemian style interior design in mind as it is a signature element of boho style.
  • Vintage Fabrics: Vintage fabrics add a sense of history and storytelling to the space. You can use vintage textiles like kilim rugs, embroidered fabrics, and patchwork quilts.

💡 Personal Insight:  Aim to create contrast with textures to add visual interest to your boho space. For Example, Mix natural materials like Sisal, fringe, crochet, macramé, and burlap with luxurious fabrics like silk and chenille.

Bohemian Furniture

Bohemian Furniture Like Peacock chair, persian red rug, and colorful cushion.

Bohemian-style furniture is all about comfort, character, and eclectic charm. Here are a few staple pieces commonly found in boho interiors:

  • Low-Level Seating: Think oversized floor cushions, poufs, and Moroccan-style ottomans. These seating options create a relaxed and casual vibe.
  • One of Kind: Use vintage or antique furniture to add a sense of history and uniqueness to your space. Consider a weathered wooden cabinet, a carved side table, or a retro-inspired armchair.
  • Mix and Match: Mix different furniture styles and eras. Pair a mid-century modern sofa with a Moroccan coffee table and blend a Victorian armchair with a rattan bookshelf. The possibilities are endless!

Extras & Bonuses:

1️⃣ Bohemian Apartment Tour

Looking to get more inspired by Bohemian Style Interior design? Check out this video tour of a stunning Bohemian Apartment

Bohemian Tour Apartment by Trout and Coffee


Bohemian-style interior design offers fresh air for those seeking an alternative to traditional and rigid decor styles. 

By embracing its eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and materials, you can create a unique space, reflecting your Individuality and adventurous spirit. So, let your imagination run wild, and infuse your home with the free-spirited essence of Bohemian Style interior design!

What cozy interior style do you want me to cover next? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

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